A few hours later i will meet Miomir Rajcevic and the other people from the Summit! So im really happy!
I will be a part of the Int. Summer Film Camp and the Int. Youth Media Summit.
I think it is very good idea planning an activity with young people and talk them about media,action.. I read something on the website ( ) about events that very exciting and im sure learning, creating and working make us a generation whom shaping the future! I just think about that idea and proud of the Summit!
I dont know what sort of experiences i will have, but looking forward to learning something. :)

I always like having friends from foreign countiries and the Summit is a good way to making new friends. So i think i am very lucky.

Actually, i dont know a lot of thing about Belgrade but i think i will love there.

I will always use my camera there and take a lot of photos. And im planning write my experriances on my blog-if ive got time.

Now, very excited about Belgrade! :):):)

Z. Nihan Yami

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